We are delighted to offer our clients a fully comprehensive range of beauty treatments. Whether you’re feeling a little withered, weathered or just fancy sprucing yourself up, we’ve got you covered.

How may we help?


Services we offer include;
Brow Envy, Pout Perfection and Super Sass

Wake up with makeup

Semi-Permanent makeup

Look fabulous 24/7 (even if you’ve just got out of bed!) with our semi-permanent makeup treatments. Say goodbye to smudged eyeliner, colourless lips and lacklustre brows! A little investment to make you low maintenance on a daily.


Bespoke to you

always on fleek

Free consultation

Over-plucked, sparse, lacklustre brows needing some new life breathed into them? Look no further. Creating the perfect brow is an art, where no two sets are the same. We tailor your brows to suit your exact wants and needs. Using both semi permanent and microblading methods, we work with you to achieve your perfect brow.


No more lippy stains


Perfect tone for you

Lipstick lovers, are you tired of having to reapply your lippy throughout the day? Do people often tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth? Do you leave lipstick stains on everything? We have the solution. Semi permanent lip tint gives you your perfect tone and intensity. it’s not permanent (it will need to be topped up on occasion) but it certainly won’t smudge following a cheeky snog.


Stop wasting time on wings

24/7 look

Smudgeless smugness

Fed up of trying to perfect your wings? Who in all honesty has the time to? Definition aesthetics offers semi-permanent eyeliner treatments. Colours and styles vary of course, but we’ll see that you never need to apply eyeliner again.

Forever young


Prevention is better than cure so let us banish away those signs of aging with the use of our toxin wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers and anti aging beauty treatments to have you feeling and looking your best version of you.


Reduce Signs of ageing

bye bye, crow's feet

Free consultation

With extensive training and experience, our specialist Laura has numerous techniques to help reduce the tell tale signs of ageing. Whether you have furrows or frown lines, crow’s feet or creases each treatment is individual. We offer clients a free consultation to discuss their options.

Did you know that Botox can also be used to alleviate Hyperhidrosis?

If you, like many others, suffer with excessive sweating and clamminess we can help with that.

Dermal fillers

Reduces wrinkles

plumper skin

Dewy complexion

Heard of hyaluronic acid? Sound scary? It’s not. Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar that forms in the human skin, this holds skin cells together and makes up part of collagen. Like a moth to a flame it attracts water, which fills and plumps the tissue. It both firms the skin and gives you a dewy complexion. Clever stuff. It’s our favourite wrinkle reducer.

Brows for now

Henna brows & Threading

Looking for a temporary solution to eyebrow perfection with minimal environmental impact? Definition Aesthetics can make your brows wow right now with our planet-friendly beauty treatments.


Less oww, more pow!

Alternative to waxing

Precise & efficient

Get those brows snatched with a traditional alternative to waxing. Threading has filtered its way across from the Eastern hair gods. Whilst renowned for their tremendous tresses, they’re really rather masterful at removing it too. With just the use of thread, this method is both precise and efficient.


Naturally sourced

Shaped to your face & eyes

MAtches your skin tone

Originating in Ancient Egypt and used for centuries across India, The Middle East and Africa, Henna is utilised for tinting hair, skin and nails. Naturally sourced from Henna and Egyptian Privet trees, Henna dye is a plant-based product with results that last between one and three weeks. If it’s good enough for Queen Cleopatra, then it’s good enough for you, queen.

Better brow days are coming boo!

HD brows

No two beauty treatments are the same and totally bespoke to your brow goals so simple high baby.

The training bra of treatments for your best natural brows. A cocktail of waxing, tinting and tamed with threading & tweezing.

Your brows are then powdered to perfection to werk your brows to their maximum potential.


Brow Lamination

“The process of adding a whole load of pow to your brows”

Virtually painless

Quick & easy

Affordable treatment

Lamination is used to correct the shape of your natural eyebrows by perming and resetting them. Our specialist technician will discuss your precise wants wishes and needs to ensure that you get those babies exactly how YOU want them. Whilst we offer our recommendations, we always listen to our clients to give you total satisfaction. We understand the importance of a perfect brow and that everyone is different.


A laminating solution is applied to break down the bonds in the brow hair The brows are then processed and manipulated into your new desired shape. The eyebrows are set and that’s you for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Please follow the aftercare provided for maximum results.

Pout perfection

Lip enhancements & corrections

Our lip service isn’t just lip service, when we say pout perfection, we mean it. We understand that everybody’s definition of ‘perfect’ varies but we strive to exceed your expectations.

Lip fillers

plump it up

Fully accredited & qualified

Industry Approved Products

Bespoke service for you

We are fully accredited and qualified and only employ the very best of the best. We will never compromise on our delivery of service, especially not when it comes to your face.

Reassurance and assurance is our primary goal. We use the highest standard of industry-approved products. Cutting corners just isn’t us. You will see our registered prescriber when you first visit, ensuring you receive what’s right for you. Your treatment is customised to you and you only.


We'll see you right

Regain your confidence

Fix cowboy calamities

Pout back on point

Should you require corrections or reductions, we will work with you to amend any calamities caused by the cowboys. There’s no excuse for cutting corners when it comes to Aesthetics. Unfortunately self-proclaimed “specialists” offer very cheap treatments, where money comes before client safety and get it so wrong. We promise to help you and help to regain your confidence.

Feel better Boo

Fat removal

Whether your body is feeling a little worse for wear or you’re looking to blast those stubborn love handles into oblivion, Definition Aesthetics have beauty treatments to help you.

Fat removal

Because we all need a little help sometimes...


Quick & easy

Shift surface weight

Whilst we can’t work miracles or perform invasive surgery, we can eliminate excess fat cells using fat dissolving injection treatments and help you shift that stubborn undesirable surface weight.


Sclerotherapy & Thread Vein Removal

Just like perfection. You deserve to love the skin you’re in, so our vein treatments help blast those bothersome veins away, leaving you free from flaws and imperfections.


More commonly known as thread vein removal

Virtually painless

Quick & easy

NEwly flawless skin

Sclerotherapy targets bothersome ‘spider’ veins, eliminating and erasing time, blemishes and imperfections. A series of small, virtually pain free injections are administered to eradicate the vein’s appearance. The chemical used causes the vein to become sticky and eventually closes the blood supply off, leading to a loss of colour and like a bunny in a hat, it disappears. Scientific approved sorcery.

Abracadabra – a flawless you.

Bye Felicia

Skin tag, wart & mole removal

Our Crawley based clinic are fully accredited to undertake advanced electrolysis treatments. banishing away the nasties such as skin tags, wart and mole removal leaving you like a smooth operator.

Skin tag, wart & mole removal

Virtually painless

Quick & easy

Affordable treatment

A treatment especially designed for unwanted tag alongs and uninvited guests. Using advanced electrolysis we can treat and remove a number of problems such as hair in moles, skin tags, mole removal thread veins, blood spots, warts and milia. They can affect a persons confidence much more than you think. Our removal treatments are designed to be extremely quick, painless and affordable.

Ain’t nothing to fear here


This beauty treatment is a regenerative therapy that uses the patient’s blood in order to create smooth, firm, toned skin. The Vampire Facial can help to treat scars, wrinkles and reduce large pores.


Virtually painless

Quick & easy

Affordable treatment

A small sample of blood is taken from the patient, where the platelet rich plasma is then separated from the red and white blood cells.

The skin is lightly pierced with a derma roller, which uses micro needles to prick the skin. The plasma is then reintroduced into the skin. This triggers cell regeneration and produces collagen.

The initial appearance following treatment can often look a little gory but we can absolutely assure you that this does not reflect the overall result.

Our trained technician will talk you through the entire treatment prior to treatment to ensure that you are fully aware of the process. You will receive advice both pre and post treatment for best results.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy uses injections of a concentration of the patient’s own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments and muscles. If you’ve recently injured yourself, get in touch, we’ll have you feeling yourself again in no time.

Eye See You

Eyelash Extensions, Lifts & Tints

We offer a range of different eyelash extension services to cater for you all. Discuss with our technicians just how much flutter you desire and we’ll work with you to achieve exactly that.

“Why yes they are my lashes… I bought them”

Virtually painless

Quick & easy

Affordable treatment


Classic extensions are applied individually to every natural lash, the synthetic lash is longer and thicker than your natural lash which creates the illusion of a thicker and fuller lash. This method produces a subtle, CLASSIC, day to day lash.


Russian extensions are made of ultra-fine synthetic fibres, these extensions are smaller than the natural lash which enables the technician to layer the lash, by placing numerous lashes on on top of the other. This gives a very neat uniform look. The lashes are applied in a fan shape, which adds further volume.


The Hybrid lash mixes two application techniques together combining both Classic and Russian Volume. This method creates a thick, dense look than without the Russian volume set.
This method is perfect for a stronger glam look.


Because we do

This treatment combines a lash perm with a lash tint creating LENGTH, VOLUME and LIFT Unlike other eyelash treatments, The LVL uses your natural lashes and adds volume without adding weight.


Virtually painless

Quick & easy

Affordable treatment

The perm solution that we use is both safe and gentle, it is specifically designed for eyelashes and won’t damage the eyes. The safety of our customers is of paramount importance and is never compromised. Whilst you probably won’t need to, it is safe to add mascara with an LVL lift if you live for volume and length. This can be removed with your every day make-up remover and it will not affect your lash lift.
With careful management…
results can last for up to eight weeks
We absolutely love this treatment. Our client reviews speak for themselves.


Skin Care



Virtually painless

Quick & easy

Affordable treatment

Skin peel treatments use acids and enzymes to exfoliate layers of the skin.This reveals new, peachy looking skin.

Our skin peel range is the perfect tonic for erasing blemishes, reducing the appearance of visible pores, removing dead skin cells, targeting acne and visibly smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Anyone and everyone can benefit from this treatment. We highly recommend our selection of Skin Peels. Each peel is specifically matched to you, we will ask you to provide details of your skin type and any allergies to ensure that the products used are suitable. This will ensure that you are safe and guarantees good results.



Boost your confidence


Definition Aesthetics hold what we believe is both key and secret to eternal youth. We want to share this one with you.

Injectable skincare enables your body to regenerate and restore itself to it’s former glory.

We are delighted to offer our clients the following treatments

Virtually painless

Quick & easy

Affordable treatment


Profhilo uses advance technology containing hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment. When injected into skin the formula stimulates the skin cell receptors to counteract the loss of skin elasticity which improves and restores the firmness of the skin.


Containing Amino acids Jalupro stimulates fibroblasts in the skin to produce collagen and elastin.

Again, this treatment makes skin taut and fresh as eff.

Essential vitamins and nutrients

Vitamin injections

Vitamin injections giving instant absorption of the oh so good, Goodness packed in a syringe to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients

Feeling like your lacking a little sumthin, sumthin?

Oranges were the fighting food of cold and flu for explorers of the hight seas. we can inject Inject a zest for live with some vitamin- sea. They can even aid weight loss too*

Defend with vitamin D – the perfect antidote to reboot and revive from feeling tired and rundown.
Combat the nasties and prevention from sick days

B12 the pocket rocket of vitamins ready to boost your energy, mood & mental clarity. Snoozing like sleeping beauty and an increased in your metabolic rate to slim whilst you sleep are just some of the many benefits of a B12 injection

For further information regarding the above services, please click the relevant link.

If however, you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to answer all and any enquiries.

*Disclaimer* treatments may cause others to become jealous